DIY shelf for under $30!


Is this even possible?! 

It most definitely is! I didn't have any floor space to pop in a set of draws and I had a really long wall to work with, so I thought what better way than to make a customised shelf to fit the length I needed! And off I went to Bunnings...

If you have ever had a good look around Bunnings, you may have noticed the large range of wooden items available that you can work with. For brackets, there are multiple options, either black, white, wood or metal. If you can't find what you are looking for, grab some spray paint and paint the bracket the colour you need. I went with a varnished plywood bracket option @ $3.52 per bracket from Bunnings

I chose a pre-cut length of pine wood to match the bracket width. The area I needed to work with was approximately 1.8m. The length of my shelf is 1.5m and the wood purchased was $13 from Bunnings!  If you don't have your own tools to cut your shelf to the required length, Bunnings can cut it to length for you and with a straight end finish. Just take your measurements with you so you know what to ask for. 

I decided to create a circular end for my shelf. It was achieved by using a bowl to trace around. This way I was able to create perfect matching ends. This process was cut using my jigsaw. 

Circular end v Straight cut

To finish off the shelf I used my Ryobi Hand Sander. It is a great little tool for small projects. I started with 80 grit sand paper then smoothed all over with the 180 grit. If you don't own or have access to a sander, there are a heap of hand sander tools you can get your hands on, otherwise the old fashioned way of sand paper wrapped on a wooden block and some elbow grease will do the job! Otherwise check out the hand sander options here 

Start with a single bracket. (I used a stud finder and popped our brackets straight into a stud so it was a lot more secure). Screw your bracket in. I also used a drill for this bit. To make sure the shelf was straight (two-man job here), get some one to hold the timber on  top of the already screwed in bracket. Place a spirit level on top. Once it is level pop the 2nd bracket underneath and draw your bracket spots on with a pencil. Remove shelf, screw bracket in. Now lay the timber shelf on top and get someone to hold from the top whilst you screw the last lot of screws in from underneath.

Hubby in demo mode!

Hubby in Demo mode!

Finish off with some screw caps  (optional). The reason I did this was to obviously cover the screws, but to bring in a pop of black to go with the rest of the bedroom's colour scheme.

Materials for UNDER $30 summary:

- 2 Brackets ($3.52 per a bracket)

Premium Grade Dressed Pine (cut to size) ($13)

- Screws we just used some that were laying around at home, otherwise you can easily pick up some screws (including plaster wall anchors) for approx. $4.90. You will need 4 screws per a bracket and in 2 sizes. Two for the wall and two to screw in the timber shelf. Size will be dependent on timber thickness.

- Sandpaper (Starts at as little as $1)

Once you have all your materials, the other tools that you may need that are not within the $30 budget and I have listed below

Optional/home supplies:

- Black Screw caps ($5.80) Also come in various other colours

- Varnish or coconut oil 

- Drill or Phillip's head screw driver

- Jigsaw or circular saw

- Electric Hand Sander

- Spirit level

The DIY shelf - Masterpiece looking pretty!

 The gorgeous $30 shelf


If you are not too keen on a wooden shelf or don't like it raw, paint or spray paint it, varnish or stain it!

I hope you have enjoyed my first DIY blog post, I can't wait to share many more projects with you! Please reach out if you need help or want to chat about a project!

Big love

Ange x








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