DIY SPICE RACK - For Under $15

Everyone is loving the DIY spice rack and the fact that it is so cheap and super simple to do, makes for a perfect DIY project! 

What you will need:

- ($3.14 TOTAL) Wood for the shelving. I used PINE from Bunnings to fit the exact width of my spice bottles, which were purchased from my local Hot dollar store for $2 each.

- ($2.38 each) 4 Brackets from Bunnings. I chose black coloured brackets to go with the wood- a black & glass theme.

Once you have the above materials, the other items that you may need that are not within the $15 budget, I have listed below. If you are a bit of a DIYer you are likely to have these laying around at home or you will find them handy for future projects. 

- 8 screws to mount shelf/shelves on the wall identified. I just used ones that I had laying around home, but the one linked is pretty much what you need to use if don't have them. Alternatively you can use wallmates if you don't have a stud to put the screw into.  

- Sand paper or a sand block for sanding the shelf/shelves.

- Optional- add some small screws to attach the wood shelf/shelves to the bracket.

- Optional screw cap covers .There are a stack of variants on the market.

- Optional clear varnish or paint

How to: 

1. Work out, approximately, where you would like the shelves to be on identified wall. Don't forget to check the height of the jars you are using.

2. Measure the length of the shelf, and either get Bunnings to cut to size for you, or use a RYOBI One + Mitre Saw.

3. Give the shelf it a light sand to remove any rough edges, surfaces, or splinters. (seal at this point if you choose to do so)

4. Find the stud by either knocking the wall, or using a stud finder. There is a distinctive sound difference, or when using a stud finder an alarmed sound. I use the STANLEY stud finder. 

5. Mark where you would like to mount the shelf/shelves, on the identified wall with a pencil; and pre drill.

6. Screw your brackets into place- either manually, or with a Ryobi drill 

7. Place the pre-cut wooden shelf on top of the bracket and TA DA... it is done! If you wish to screw the wood shelf onto the bracket, do this prior to mounting on the wall. Make sure you use shorter screws to attach the wood on to the bracket so that it doesn't pierce the top of the wood. 

 8. If you wish to cover the screws, pop some screw covers over the top to match the bracket. 

 9. Fill with your favourite spices and herbs! 

I hope you have enjoyed yet another Decor Me Project- don't forget to tag me if you try it out!

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Big Love

Ange x

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