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Decor Me's LAUNDRY LABELS are distinctive to the Decor Me brand and style- for a versatile and statement Laundry in mind.

We've created a cost effective and organised Laundry, utilising bold labelling, and have made the most of the space on offer. We exist to motivate and inspire you to also find the benefits of living a more organised and simplified life. 

With our pack you receive 18 labels as listed below. 

Our labels are small size, with a height of 2cm in height and a maximum width of 10cm  and will adhere to multiple surfaces.  They are also available in BLACK or WHITE.

- Cleaning Caddy 
- Disinfectant
- Glass
- Dish Washing Liquid
- Hand cream
- Hand wash
- Sanitising Spray
- Soak
- Softener
- Laundry Powder & Laundry Liquid 
- Vinegar
- Bicarb Soda
- Pegs
- Stain
- Bathroom spray
- Mould Spray
- Distilled Water


Please note labels shouldn't be soaked nor and are NOT dishwasher safe, therefore jars/canisters/storage containers require a gentle hand wash. 

Ready to ship

Designed by Decor Me & Printed by Alby Blox